Global Software's roots go back to a 1996 Oklahoma City start-up venture called ACT Global Com. The vision of its founders was to create a Microsoft Windows-based Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) product that was map-centric, containing many of the features and functionality that were only afforded by the largest of agencies, but at a price-point that made it available to small and mid-size agencies. The goal was not simply to build a software company for the sake of profit and technology, but to make a difference in the Public Safety market so that any agency could provide better technology to its dispatchers and first responders. The ultimate goal was to help those on the front line do their jobs better - saving lives and protecting communities.

The company formally took shape in 1998 as Global Dispatch Technology Corporation and established its offices in Bricktown, a booming area adjacent to downtown OKC. The Global suite of products and services soon expanded through in-house technology development, close collaboration with Global?s customers, and strategic partnerships to position Global as a single-source provider of Public Safety solutions for mid-tier cities and counties.

In 2000, Global was renamed Global Software Corporation to reflect its expanded product and service offering. In 2003 it moved its office to Edmond, about 15 miles North of OKC. As the company grew over its first decade of business, it earned the reputation in the industry as not only providing solid technology at an affordable price, but for the hard work and dedication of its employees.

In 2009 Global Software was purchased by Harris Computer Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. The acquisition was a perfect fit for Global, as Harris brought financial stability, fiscal discipline, and strong leadership support while allowing the Global business unit to continue its focus on Public Safety solutions.

In March of 2012, Global relocated its headquarters to downtown OKC, just a few blocks from its original office in Bricktown. With the backing of Harris, Global has grown to be a leader in innovative technology for Public Safety across the United States with more than 500 customers in 32 states. Yet with all the changes and growth that has occurred, Global maintains its original focus of advancing the Public Safety industry through better technology at an affordable price. Back in 1996 that new technology was Microsoft Windows, the SQL Server platform, and mapping capability. Today it is data sharing initiatives and extending applications to mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones over wireless networks. And whatever the future brings in terms of new technology, you can count on Global Software to be working with its customers and partners in the industry to find appropriate uses for it so those on the front line can focus on their job - saving lives and protecting communities.